Veranda & Family life: opt for more conviviality

20 March 2020

Today’s homes are designed with children and their needs in mind. A special place is now given to them in the company’s thinking. How do you organize your home to create modular spaces where everyone can enjoy their own space but also be able to share family moments? What if a veranda was the solution? Focus on the veranda as a sharing zone.

Children’s influence on home design

Longer and longer studies, ever-increasing living costs, couples breaking up and blending again, … The way we live and co-habit today has changed dramatically. It’s high time to rethink the habitat.

Indeed, it’s important to realize that our homes and interiors need to evolve as our children grow up .

It’s important to be able to create spaces where children can grow and evolve, but also rooms that can change function once the children have left.

A modular home that fits in with your family’s needs

A child’s bedroom should grow as the child develops, becoming a refuge where the child can play, study, rest and go about his or her business.

Secondly, it’s important to be able to create places for sharing and communication in the home: a convivial living room, a kitchen that opens onto the various living areas, or a veranda that opens onto the outside… These rooms are ideal not only for family gatherings, but also for keeping an eye on different areas of the house.

a family veranda

The veranda: a place to gather with your children

Creating a pleasant, convivial space for family gatherings is not always easy. A veranda can be the ideal solution for enlarging your home and creating a shared atmosphere.

The veranda as an extension of living space

A veranda is a bright solution for enlarging your living space. By adding a few extra square meters to your home, the veranda will open up spaces and naturally create a real gathering point for your family.

The veranda is synonymous with conviviality. It brings light into your home. Light brings a sense of space and well-being to your home.

A veranda open to the outside also allows you to keep an eye on your young children playing outside while you carry on with your activities.

A connection in your living rooms and with your exterior, creating a real family dynamic.
You too can fall in love with a veranda!

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