Verandas and pergolas: just as pleasant in autumn!

28 August 2018

August 2018 is in its final hours. While this summer has been rather generous in terms of sunshine and temperatures (much to our delight, in fact!), the weather is now subject to a few vagaries… The skies are thick with clouds, the rain no longer hesitates to fall, and the mercury seems to be plummeting. There’s no doubt about it: summer is about to give way to autumn! Autumn may be synonymous with yellowing leaves, rain, sweaters and Halloween, but there’s no reason to neglect your outdoors this time of year! Verandair offers you a few tips and tricks to help you continue to enjoy your garden and terrace at all times… 😉

Ifsummer has its advantages (afternoons spent basking in the sun, sipping cocktails by the pool, barbecues with friends and family – in short, la dolce vita!),autumn has nothing to envy it.

Autumn is indeed the season for walks in the woods, good food simmering in the oven, hot chocolates enjoyed under a cozy blanket, Halloween decorations, and so on. Autumn is also the season when we look forward, with varying degrees of impatience, to the best time of the year: Christmas!

Nevertheless, autumn weather tends to concentrate us inside our homes, forcing us to leave our gardens and terraces behind. But what if it wasn’t inevitable? And what if it were possible to enjoy them all year round? Demonstration.

The pergola and autumn

Have you invested in a terrace? Did you love it when the sun came out? No need to say goodbye until next summer! Extend its usefulness by adding a pergola! It’s a lovely way to shelter from light rain and wind (provided you have a little wool with you, we agree…).

For even greater protection against the vagaries of the weather, your pergola can also be fitted with
with sliding glass panels
. For those of you who are a bit chilly, there are still heated mushrooms😉

The veranda and autumn

Did you know that it is an alternative to pergolas? Stronger and more protective than pergolas, more flexible and less expensive than conventional verandas:
retractable verandas
. With retractable verandas, you can soak up the sun in summer and take shelter in winter!

Veritable convertibles, retractable verandas give you perfect visibility of the garden, without the drawbacks. It’s an opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy a certain level of comfort.

Make the most of your outdoors with Verandair pergolas, sliding glass doors and retractable verandas!

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