What are the advantages of convertible veranda pergolas?

24 May 2022

Enjoy the gentle atmosphere of your garden with a pergola! If you opt for an aluminum upgradeable structure, you’ll also be able to transform your terrace into a veranda in just a few minutes. So you can enjoy relaxing moments in your outdoor living room, whatever the weather, all year round.

What is the concept behind evolving pergolas?

Installed alongside your house or in the garden, a pergola provides refreshing shade when the sun is shining hard. The design possibilities are vast: set up a living room, dining room or barbecue area, for example. You can also decorate it with plants, lights and various decorative accessories.

However, simple bioclimatic or glass pergolas are exposed to the elements: wind, rain and cold. So much so, in fact, that you’ll need to get into the house every time the weather turns unfavorable. By opting for an aluminum veranda, you can transform it into a living space where you’ll be sheltered from the elements. You and your family will continue to enjoy the moment. You can also create a winter garden for plant storage.

What does a modular pergola consist of?

The modular pergola concept is simple: it lets you transform a traditional terrace into a living space enclosed by glass walls. It can be made of wood, PVC or aluminum. This construction is also available in several versions.

Roofing options

Various types of roofing can cover your outdoor aluminium relaxation area:

  • fixed roof in 8 mm laminated glass: your roof can be transparent if you wish to flood your pergola with light. Choose opaque glass for good diffusion and thermal insulation of your structure;
  • the fixed roof in 16 mm alveolar polycarbonate: this roof is both affordable and translucent. So it’s perfect for users who want to preserve their privacy. People on the upper floors won’t be able to see what they’re doing inside. It’s also ideal for filtering outside light so that it diffuses evenly throughout the space.

Sliding glass walls

To close off your pergola and allow you to enjoy it all year round, your structure is completed with a set of sliding glass walls. These bay windows give you an unobstructed view of your garden while protecting you from the elements.

Their watertightness is guaranteed. No wind, rain or snow can penetrate it. For greater comfort, you can also hide the walls with blinds or curtains.

What are the advantages of aluminium conservatories?

The patio enclosure concept has nothing but advantages:

  • aluminium profiles are sturdy and unobtrusive;
  • glass panels give you a panoramic view of your garden;
  • this extension blends in perfectly with the architecture of your home;
  • you can enlarge it if your terrace becomes larger. If you are planning to build a swimming pool in front of your living room, you can order a made-to-measure cover that will completely cover it;
  • Compared to a solid construction, it can be removed more easily if you wish to modify your home;
  • pergola/veranda conversion in a matter of moments;
  • can be placed on any floor covering: wood, tiles, stone, etc.
  • It is rustproof and easy to maintain;
  • It’s comfortable, and in winter it’s naturally heated by the sun’s rays thanks to its thick glazing.

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