What orientation should you choose for your veranda?

12 August 2019

Would you like to build a veranda in your home? Add a few square meters to your interior and gain in brightness and space. An essential element in the process of choosing a veranda is the question of orientation.

The orientation of a veranda is a crucial choice, determiningthe amount of light and heat that will enter your home. Orientation also determines the role this new room will play in your home. Most veranda owners choose a southern exposure, but there are other possibilities.

An east-facing veranda

An easterly orientation offers the first rays of sunshine and light throughout the morning. This exposure allows you to benefit from the morning light without overheating the interior. This brightness is very pleasant, especially in the kitchen. What better way to start the day than with breakfast on the veranda in the sunshine?

A veranda facing north

North-facing verandas are less common. In fact, it’s advisable to place the living rooms further south and the utility rooms, such as the storeroom, shower rooms, laundry room, etc., to the north. These are rooms where we are less often. Cooler rooms. For a veranda, a northerly orientation is ideal for an entrance, a small, light-filled hall or a workshop… With a north-facing veranda, you’ll be protected from the heat in summer.

The West, enjoying your veranda at the end of the day

This orientation allows the sun to shine in the afternoon until sunset. A very pleasant exposure to enjoy the end of a sunny day and feel the warmth of the sun’s last rays. A west-facing orientation heats your room quickly. If the sun is too strong, in summer for example, consider fitting your veranda with awnings.

The most popular orientation for verandas, the South

Warm sunshine at midday, continuing into the afternoon. Facing south, you benefit from the greatest exposure to the sun, and the greatest heat too. South, southeast and southwest exposure are the most popular. Living rooms (living room, dining room, etc.) are generally positioned according to this exposure. This provides plenty of natural light, making rooms bright and inviting. The same goes for retractable verandas, which let in plenty of light in both summer and winter. To avoid too much heat in summer, don’t hesitate to install blinds to limit the heat’s entry.

The best solution for your conservatory?

For a veranda, the best location is south-east, for plenty of light and to avoid the afternoon heat. The south-west is also highly recommended, to benefit from good exposure in the afternoon and at the end of the day. When designing a veranda project, there are a number of factors to take into account when choosing the location and exposure of the veranda. A house and its furnishings must be coherent, like an architectural ensemble. First, think about the role your veranda will play in your interior, then imagine the best orientation.

For the construction of your veranda, don ‘t hesitate to consult us to imagine the exhibition for your veranda.


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