Which outdoor lighting for your pergola?

30 May 2022

To make the most of your pergola during the summer evenings, it’s essential to light it efficiently to create a soft, comfortable atmosphere. LED or decorative lights, solar bulbs… you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to lighting your terrace.

Opt for a structure-integrated lighting system

If your aluminum pergola has not yet been installed on the terrace of your home, consider fitting an LED lighting system integrated into the frame. You’ll enjoy pleasant light and optimized comfort. What’s more, these lights are specifically designed to embellish your structure and give it a trendy, designer look.

A few other solutions

Is your veranda or pergola already built? There are many other solutions to help you light it up.

LED ribbons

Trendy LED ribbons can be added to the structure of your pergola, whether wood or aluminum, bioclimatic or not. These low-voltage luminaires are highly efficient. You can choose the appropriate length of ribbon and cut it into several sections to fit inside the beams of your structure.

Several types of ribbon are available: ribbons with white light and a variety of shades (warm, medium or natural), ribbons that allow you to control the shades according to the mood you want to create, or even ribbons with LED lights in different colors.

If the ribbons can’t be placed on the beams of your pergola, it will be necessary to integrate them into profiles, watertight bars that are available in various forms. The most functional profiles are oblique bars, but depending on requirements, flat bars may be more suitable.

Lighting garlands

Hanging from the beams of your shelter’s frame or vertically from its awning, string lights give it a bohemian, cocooning feel. Models ranging from variable white to multicolored decorate your garden with taste.


For those more inclined towards contemporary design, lamps or ceiling lights with bulbs are the perfect solution for modern decor.

Solar lighting

For an eco-responsible atmosphere, why not use a free energy source at our service: solar power. Solar lamps come in a variety of forms, from spotlights to wall lights. They generally have an autonomy of around 8 hours.

Wall sconces

Ideal when pergolas are leaning against a house wall, wall-mounted sconces offer the advantage of being sturdy and practical. A wide variety of models and products are available. Some are adjustable and others have a motion detector mechanism.

Outdoor LED spotlights

Spotlights are one of the most economical options if you want to create a comforting ambience with soft, warm lighting. Economical and ecological, some models detect movement.

Criteria for choosing outdoor lighting for your pergola

Protection index

The first thing to consider when choosing your outdoor lighting is the luminaire’s protection rating. The latter takes into account various risk factors, such as bad weather (rain, wind, ice, etc.), or dust and debris projections. LED pergola lights are designed for outdoor use. However, each waterproof product has a different rating depending on its location (recessed pergola, likely to come into contact with splashing water, or even unsheltered).

Color temperature

The color of light is expressed in degrees kelvin. The higher the color temperature, the whiter the light. A neutral white is closer to natural daylight, while a cool white isn’t very suitable for a warm atmosphere.

Power consumption

LED lighting systems have the advantage of consuming very little energy, unlike conventional bulbs. Consumption is expressed in watts (W) and corresponds to the amount of energy used.

Light intensity

This is expressed in lumens (lm) and corresponds to the amount of light diffused around it. The higher the index, the more intense the light.

Still undecided?

Our buying guide simplifies your choice with 19 key questions to ask yourself. Avoid surprises and make the most of your future patio enclosure!

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