5 ideas for your winter garden

3 October 2022

Looking for a cocooning corner where you can enjoy the winter atmosphere? Why not create a pretty winter garden in your veranda or pergola? A way of continuing to enjoy your outdoor spaces, while staying nice and warm. In this article, we explain the principle of the indoor garden and how to spend a comfortable winter there.

Why a conservatory?

Let’s start by understanding what this means. The winter garden is a
glass room
often attached to your house or apartment, designed to shelter plants sensitive to the cold. This allows them to benefit from the sun’s brightness, without having to endure winter temperatures. At the same time, you too can enjoy a green space all year round, protected from the elements.

When landscaped, the indoor garden gives you the opportunity to enjoy the cold season in a different way. Create a cocooning place, find inspiration in a plant workshop or eat as if you were on a terrace!

Where to create your indoor garden?

In a veranda

The winter garden is usually set up in a coolterrace or veranda. Thanks to its bay windows and glass roof, the veranda is a room bathed in light and heated naturally by the sun! What’s more, you can easilyaerate it regularly to keep your plants healthy.

In a bioclimatic pergola with bay windows

Close your pergola and turn it into a winter garden? It can be done! You can add sliding glass panels. The glazing provides protection from the elements and keeps your plants safe from winter temperatures. What’s more, by opting for a
bioclimatic pergola
you have the option of orienting the roof slats to your liking, allowing your pergola to air out and let in more sunlight through the roof.

Our ideas for the ideal conservatory

Now let’s take a look at how to get the most out of your pleasure and comfort. Don’t hesitate to combine several of these ideas to make this place even more enjoyable.

A little corner of lush vegetation

It goes without saying that plants are a must in this room. There’s nothing to stop you relying entirely on it to give your veranda or pergola a totally green effect. Which plants adapt best? Those who prefer a mild climate. Choose cacti for an ethnic feel or bonsai for a Zen ambiance. Think flowers, too, like orchids, for an exotic look.

Vary the pleasures by combining hanging varieties with climbers such as ivy or bougainvillea. When it comes to pots, take a trip to the flea markets. You’ll find all kinds of styles, depending on what you like: art deco, bohemian, design, etc.

A pretty rustic dining room

What could be more pleasant than eating on a terrace? Furnish your conservatory with a solid wood table and designer benches, and enjoy breakfast in a country atmosphere. You can also entertain guests. Relaxed digestion guaranteed.

For a rustic decor reminiscent of country homes, use sturdy furniture and raw materials. You can, for example, combine antique furniture in natural-colored wood with others painted white.

A cosy tea room

But there’s nothing to stop you drinking coffee. For a cozy setting, opt for pretty rattan armchairs, a rocking chair or a pretty wrought-iron chaise longue. With a coffee table, rug and plaids, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate the morning frost with a hot cup of tea or a good book. The trick: a pretty string of lights around a wooden structure to give your space a romantic touch!

A workshop for artists

If you’re an artist at heart, make the most of your veranda or pergola with an easel turned towards the vegetation, which will give you all the inspiration you need. A few shelves for your pots of color and a little cupboard you picked up at a flea market for your brushes: you’re all set to create your most beautiful watercolors, without risking a drop of it getting into your house. More of a handyman? If you have the space, why not install a workbench?

A Zen space

Nature’s relaxing virtues are well proven. Relatively isolated from the rest of the house, a conservatory provides the calm and comfort you need to get away from it all. A yoga mat, some cushions and pretty candles to decorate the room: that’s all there is to it! The little extra: a baffle that plays a gentle tune or sounds imitating a walk in nature (birdsong, trickling water, etc.). Can you see?

Planning a pergola or veranda?

If you’re thinking of installing a veranda or pergola to create a winter garden, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals at Verandair for advice. As specialists, they can guide you on the best way to orient and build your room, so you can make the most of your outdoor spaces.

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