Design tip: a glass roof that opens onto the outdoors

14 February 2022

Today, glass roofs set the tone, bringing a touch of modernity to homes and business premises alike. The various shapes it can take give it separation or additional room functions. But its main asset is the incredible luminosity it imparts. Whether indoors or out, a glass roof is a particularly pleasant way to decorate a room, without the need for major work.

The kitchen, a popular living space for a glass roof

Glass roofs are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens, and there are many advantages to installing one in your kitchen. A glass roof brings natural light into the room. It allows you to take advantage of daylight while preserving the privacy of the room. So you can cook and entertain in a light-filled setting, perfect for a good time.

A glass roof can also be an excellent way of visually separating different areas of your kitchen. If you have a large, open-plan kitchen, a glass roof can be used to separate the space where you prepare meals from the space where you dine and entertain friends and family. This creates a feeling of privacy while preserving the openness of your kitchen. What’s more, a glass roof adds a touch of style and originality to your kitchen.

The semi-glazed or sliding glass wall

When we think of a glass roof, we often think of a workshop glass roof. Indeed, this style of glazing was commonly used in 20th-century factories. For a long time, it was referred to as an art deco glass roof, but today’s design makes it suitable for even the most modern interiors.

This type of wall is referred to as a semi-glass roof, as opposed to the exterior glass roof mentioned below. In any case, glass walls are so popular because they offer so many advantages to their owners. Firstly, the glass roof lets light through, naturally illuminating your rooms.

Secondly, thanks to its transparent properties, the glass roof provides a sense of space, offering a view of the outside or another room. What’s more, it has practical properties for modular interior design.

A sliding partition with pure style

Used indoors, the sliding wall separates two rooms, without breaking the visual contact between them. It’s common to install a semi-glass roof between a living room and a wet room, for example to separate the bedroom from the adjoining bathroom. In this case, the glass roof not only defines the space between the bedroom and bathroom, but also creates additional storage space. You can install bins or cupboards to store all your cosmetics, for example.

Similarly, if you’ve set up an office area in your living or dining room, it’s easy to isolate this workspace with a sliding glass wall, depending on your needs.

With a semi-glass partition, you can give the same space two different functions. It’s the perfect compromise, offering you a place that’s both open and private.

A discreet separation between inside and outside

A bay window can also be placed outside, on the front of the house, for example, or to offer a view of the garden from the kitchen. Although often used to replace a half-wall, it can also take up the entire height from floor to ceiling, without limitation.

And if you have a pergola, sliding glass walls offer protection from the elements. This way, whether it’s a light rain or a cool breeze, you can continue to
enjoy your pergola
without worrying about the weather.

And to make the most of your terrace or garden, have you considered installing a real glass roof ? Contrary to popular belief, such an installation doesn’t require any major work. And it brings you many advantages.

The outdoor glass roof or cold veranda

Outside, a glass roof used as a cold veranda physically enlarges your living space, allowing you to set up garden furniture and enjoy it whatever the weather. It can also be used as a winter garden to protect your plants whatever the season. This type of installation provides optimumlight .

Note the difference with a warm veranda, which meets precise energy performance and strict insulation criteria to become a real extra room in the house.

The glass roof is more of an occasional living space, a way to
protect your terrace
and make the most of your outdoors. Equipped with various options, cold conservatories can be made permanent or “disappear” on demand. These are known as retractable verandas. This means you can open and close the roof and side walls as you wish, depending on the weather.

Today’s skylight design

Glass roofs are mainly made of aluminum, but you can also ask for them to be made of wood or wrought iron. Note, however, that the latter two materials will require more maintenance.

Whether they’re complete or simple bay windows, glass roofs can be adapted to any type of installation. What’s more, VERANDAIR offers you awide choice of glazing. This can be sandblasted, for example, or changed from opaque to transparent as you wish. This is a pleasant option, for example when separating a bathroom or an office.

Treat yourself to custom-made equipment to enhance your interior or outdoor space. You can create a bespoke design for a remarkable decorative element.


Don’t hesitate to invest in a glass roof with a sliding door and large picture windows. Let in the light and offer your visitors and customers a luminous space. A pergola or terrace shelter can be the ideal equipment for your business.

Contact our teams for prices. Our technicians will come to your home to take measurements and calculate the best price for your project.

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