Enjoy a veranda that opens onto your garden and pool

4 November 2021

In Belgium, even if you have a garden and a swimming pool, you’re not sure you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoors very often… To increase the number of days of use, the good idea is to cover these spaces with a shelter. Find out why you should choose a
for your garden and pool.

What is a veranda?

Verandas are terrace shelters. These are wood, metal, pvc or aluminum structures designed to protect a space from the elements (rain, snow, wind, heat, etc.).

These shelters can be freestanding or leaning against existing structures (such as the wall of a house ). That’s why they’re not only found on terraces, but also in the garden, above a swimming pool…

Why install a freestanding veranda in your garden?

Belgium, this beautiful country where life is good, is far from always having good weather. Rain is often present in our country and prevents us from enjoying our outdoor spaces, whether on the terrace or in the garden. And when the sun comes out, it tends to be very (too) hot.

These adverse weather conditions have the unfortunate disadvantage of reducing the number of days we can spend outdoors. But when you add a veranda to your garden, things change! This shelter lets you lounge outside, sheltered from the wind and rain on bad days and under cover on hot ones.

It’s possible to cover your pool with a veranda!

More and more Belgians are choosing toinstall a swimming pool in their garden. And yet, as we’ve said, the weather often plays tricks on us. To counteract this problem, it may be a good idea to add a
pool enclosure

Verandair recommends adding a retractable veranda as a pool enclosure. In this way, it can remain covered on rainy or windy days, and can be easily opened when the fine weather returns.

So you can enjoy your pool more often and for longer, whatever the season or weather conditions. So you get a better return on your investment!

Classic or bioclimatic veranda?

The veranda is now a familiar sight in many homes. But are you familiar with the
bioclimatic veranda
? This version features large
sliding glass walls
and a retractable roof.

These features allow you to open up your covered space to the outside whenever you want. Their roof slides, rather like that of a convertible, with disconcerting ease. The same applies to their bay windows. These verandas are ideal for covering and protecting a swimming pool.

How much do these structures cost?

First of all, it’s important to know that there are major differences between a prefabricated and a custom-built veranda.

While prefabricated verandas are less expensive, they are also less resistant to the ravages of time and weather. That’s why Verandair only offers made-to-measure verandas.

If the lifespan of your veranda is the most important argument for you, turn to a custom-built structure. Of course, costs will be higher, but you’ll benefit from a better-quality finished product, capable of lasting longer.

price of a custom-built
(bioclimatic) veranda varies greatly depending on :

  • earthworks to be carried out
  • selected dimensions (length, width and height)
  • materials used: choose aluminum for its sturdiness and lightness
  • the accessories you wish to add: sliding walls, retractable roof, electrical installation, water supply, heating, air conditioning, lighting…

The best way to find out the price of your conservatory project is to ask the experts for a quote. For example, you can visit one of our showrooms(Namur or Tournai) to
meet our specialists
. We’ll give you a detailed, transparent, 100% customized quote!

[Guide d’achat] How to choose your

Make your decision easier with our buying guide. It addresses the 19 questions you absolutely must ask yourself in order to enjoy your future acquisition without unpleasant surprises.

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