Expand your catering business: the retractable veranda

15 November 2021

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s already time for hospitality professionals to start thinking about how to prepare for the summer season. Do you own a restaurant, hotel, café or bar and want to extend its surface area, or simply protect your terrace so you can use it more often? The retractable veranda is an attractive, cost-effective solution.

The bioclimatic veranda: a room that adapts to the seasons

As you may have noticed, the weather in Belgium can be quite changeable. We’re used to going from sunny skies to rainy weather in a matter of minutes. But when the sun comes out, customers like to take advantage of the terraces and other outdoor facilities. Conversely, sometimes a 5pm spritz in the sun ends up next to a radiator indoors.

The removable patio enclosure lets you enjoy outdoor pleasures throughout the seasons. Specially
designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry
It opens and closes in a matter of seconds to adapt to changing weather conditions. This bioclimatic system lets you enjoya green or urban setting at any time. In short, a glass bubble that offers charm and comfort to your customers, protected from both wind and rain!

An ideal solution for expanding a facility

By installing a veranda, you canconsiderably increase the surface area of your establishment and welcome more customers. As it is not in itself an extension to the building, it does not require such extensive work. It’s simply a matter of covering your terrace so that you can use it in all weathers, thus saving interior space. What’s more, the glass walls and brightness of the patio enclosure provide a pleasant sense of space.

And seduce customers

With a veranda, you create a new room flooded with light. It adds value to your establishment, as well as charm and conviviality. You benefit from an indoor/outdoor space with panoramic views of the outdoors, all year round. This way, your customers can enjoy a bath of light in summer, the pretty orange colors of autumn, a film of snow in winter and flowers in spring.

Some of Verandair’s creations

Verandair’s custom-built terrace enclosures are designed to fit in perfectly with any establishment. They come in 2,500 colors for total customization, and can be motorized for quick and easy deployment. As for the materials used, we chosealuminum, which offers excellent resistance and easy maintenance.

Matthias & Sea in Tarcienne

Would you like to enjoy a delicious plate of seafood on the terrace without having to worry about the vagaries of the weather? Just one address: Matthias & Sea, in Tarcienne! Whether you opt for a crustacean cassolette or a swordfish fillet, you’ll not only satisfy your taste buds, you’ll also be able to enjoy these delicious dishes sheltered from the rain and wind, should they choose to join the party!

Discover Matthias & Sea’s Verandair covered terrace in pictures:

Romance in Floreffe

Out and about in Floreffe? Fill up on flavors at La Romance restaurant, and take advantage of Verandair’s retractable terrace if you choose to dine al fresco… Mackerel croquette, duck breast, mussels marinière… You’ll be spoiled for choice.

Here’s a sneak preview of the veranda at La Romance:

Château Bayard in Eghezée

The splendid Château Bayard chose Verandair for its orangery. Today, it is the venue for weddings, seminars and other receptions. A veranda that has adapted to the charm of the old. Judge for yourself:

A barge restaurant in Suresnes

For a gourmet moment on the deck of a boat, a floating restaurant in Suresnes, Île de France, called on Verandair to install a retractable veranda. For this original installation, Verandair collaborated with Homabris. Like a glass roof, this retractable veranda offers a breathtaking view of the Seine all year round.

In conclusion

Retractable verandas are an effective way of increasing the usable surface area of an establishment. They offer users a convivial place to enjoy the weather, while being sheltered from its vagaries.

Many catering professionals have already placed their trust in Verandair. If you’re thinking of covering your terrace with a retractable veranda, our specialists can help. They’ll also be able to explain all the options that can be added for a complete adaptation to your needs and a unique experience for your customers.

New VERANDAIR® 2024 brochure

Download our brochure and discover our retractable verandas for professionals. Thanks to our shelters, your customers will be able to enjoy your outdoors all year round. Follow our advice on choosing the right professional patio enclosure!

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