Expand your kitchen space with a veranda

3 June 2022

Between preparing food and eating, the kitchen is a room in which we generally spend a considerable amount of time. It must therefore be both ergonomic and pleasant, for comfortable cooking and entertaining in the best possible conditions. Would you like to transform your kitchen into a warm, functional space? Extending the house by installing a veranda is an original, aesthetic and often less expensive solution than a permanent extension.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your kitchen extension project efficiently and enjoy the result to the full.

The advantages of a veranda for the kitchen

Extra space

By fitting a veranda, you can optimize your kitchen and combat its cramped conditions by adding a natural, comfortable extra space. You can set up a dining area, store extra storage furniture or create a bright and welcoming living and relaxation area. Summer or winter, the veranda puts your kitchen at the center of family life.

The contribution of light

The veranda can be likened to an intermediate lock between your house, your terrace and your garden. By bridging the gap between the inside and outside of your home, a veranda lets you enjoy the benefits of both, while avoiding the drawbacks.

With its large glazed surfaces, the veranda gives you extra light, letting the sun burst into your home. A kitchen flooded with natural light is particularly suitable for cooking or entertaining in ideal conditions!

kitchen in a veranda


A veranda adds incredible cachet to any room, but even more so to a kitchen. More than just a gain in square footage, a veranda is considered an embellishment in its own right, appreciable from the outside as well as the inside. An original way to combine practicality and aesthetics while respecting your kitchen and its architecture.


Highly customizable in shape, you can choose the veranda that perfectly matches your kitchen. There are many different styles of veranda, from traditional to modern. You can also choose the materials to be used for the veranda (aluminum or glass). Some materials will be more suitable than others, depending on your kitchen. Afterwards, you can also opt for decorations to suit your tastes and preferences (colored, darker…).

A generally lower price than a permanent extension

Although the total price will depend heavily on the materials chosen, in most cases, an extension using a custom-built retractable veranda will be less expensive than a full-scale extension to your home. Building a veranda is also simpler and less time-consuming, and the work will require fewer service providers to complete.

The basics of veranda installation

Extending part of your home is an important project that can considerably enhance your living comfort. The ultimate goal is to create a kitchen that’s ergonomic, functional and welcoming, so you’ll need to do some careful thinking upstream with the help of a professional. This will give you every chance to ensure that the result fully meets your expectations and desires. Let’s take a look at the main aspects to consider before building a veranda.

The framework: which materials for a long-lasting installation?

There are several materials available on the market for the structure of a veranda: PVC, which is very economical, wrought iron, which has a more authentic vintage look, and wood, which is very warm and provides excellent thermal insulation. However, the star of the modern veranda isaluminum, which offers an excellent compromise between aesthetics and sturdiness.

In addition to requiring very littlemaintenance, aluminum structures do not rust and withstand the elements very well. Strong and light, aluminum can be deployed on large structures more easily than wood, even with very thin profiles. It also offers excellent value for money.

Veranda surface area

In absolute terms, there’s no particular surface area your veranda should reach. The most important thing is that your final space meets your needs and provides you with the comfort you expect. Think ahead
design and decoration
is an essential prerequisite for determining the surface area you’ll need for your veranda.


With its many advantages, the retractable veranda is the perfect solution for your kitchen extension needs. It will bring extra light and conviviality to your room, allowing you to eat, store and even host as warmly as in a living room or covered terrace. All at a very reasonable price. By choosing aluminum, your veranda will be low-maintenance and sturdy. In short, there are many advantages to installing a veranda, and you’re guaranteed to add enormous character to your home!

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