Insulating your bay window: how to detect poor insulation and remedy it?

16 August 2022

You have a bay window in your home that gives you a magnificent view of the garden. However, you’ve noticed some insulation problems this winter, and the weather being what it is, uncertain, you feel it’s urgent to remedy this problem so as not to pay an astronomical energy bill next winter. Don’t worry, there are solutions for insulating your bay window.

How can you tell if your bay window is poorly insulated?

If you notice any of these signs, it’s possible that your bay window is poorly insulated and that you need to do something about it:

  • you can feel the air coming through when you’re sitting by the window;
  • you have noticed misting on the glass;
  • your glass is cold when you touch it;
  • you find it difficult to maintain a constant temperature in your room, both in summer and winter;
  • There is mold around your window;
  • you’re bothered by outside noise.

Economical back-up solutions

Caulking your bay window with gaskets, an economical solution

Grouting is a simple and cost-effective solution. These can be foam, rubber or plastic gaskets. To install them, simply stick them in place with their adhesive strips. But they’ll wear out pretty quickly, and you’ll have to change them after two years. The sturdiest are made of metal, which is a little more difficult to install since you have to nail them down. Silicone is applied with a spray gun. It’s simple and inexpensive, but not 100% effective.

Installing insulating plastic film is easy and inexpensive

Installing special transparent insulating plastic film is also an inexpensive option. This will increase your window’s thermal and acoustic permeability. It comes in two forms: either you attach it with double-sided adhesive tape, or the film is self-adhesive. The glass must be well degreased before applying the film. For even better results, a micro-bubble film has been developed. These air bubbles act as a barrier between the indoor environment and the room. However, the effectiveness of this type of film is low, and it needs to be replaced every year.

More efficient solutions

Install a roller shutter to maintain room temperature

Installing a roller shutter on your windows will help keep your home warm when night falls or winter sets in. In summer, your roller shutter, lowered three-quarters of the way to keep a little light in during the day, will reduce sunlight and keep the room cool.

Towards satisfactory, long-lasting thermal insulation

Overglazing to preserve your old glass

If your woodwork is in good condition, you can have PVC or aluminum overglazing installed.

What’s interesting about overglazing is that it allows you to retain the aesthetic appeal of your old glazing. However, this can only be done on wood joinery that is strong enough to withstand it. Adding one or more panes of glass makes the structure heavier. This is a 4 to 8 mm-thick pane integrated into a lightweight profile and positioned 6 mm from the first pane. Overglazing can be removable, opening or fixed. In the case of permanent installation, the air gap inserted between the two panes ensures high performance.

Double glazing

For truly effective, long-lasting insulation, it’s a good idea to replace your glass with double or triple glazing. This will require the removal of your old glass and the installation of new glass.

Double glazing can be used for windows, fixed or sliding bay windows. It’s the essential element for quality heat and sound insulation. This operation has a cost and requires the help of a professional. Double glazing offers much better insulation performance than overglazing.

In order to offer insulation that complies with current standards, sliding patio doors need a quality frame and double glazing. Aluminum profiles insulate against both cold and heat. Depending on their level of technical performance, this system (aluminum profiles with thermal breaks and reinforced airtightness) delivers heating savings of around 20%.

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