Our sales advisors will be happy to visit you in our showrooms in Namur and Tournai.

1 February 2021

Opting for a pergola solution for your garden or a retractable shelter for your terrace or pool is a decision that needs to be carefully considered. Given the major changes such an installation will bring to your property, and the budget involved, it’s important to have a clear idea of all your options and what they entail.

That’s why, at VERANDAIR, we make it a point of honor to offer you personalized, high-quality support. Through contacts chosen for their in-depth knowledge of our company and our business, you get the best advice so you can always be sure you’re making the right choice.

These are the people you’ll meet when you visit one of our showrooms in Namur (Spy) or Tournai: our invaluable sales advisors.


More than sales advisors, they’re professionals

We’ve chosen our sales advisors for their practical experience and knowledge of the realities in the field when it comes to installing our shelters. None of them are trained salesmen, but experienced workers. They owe their qualities as sales consultants solely to their background. That’s why we consider them to be the people best placed to understand your expectations and define your project. That’s why we put our trust in them to support each and every one of our customers.

Dominique welcomes you to Namur

Dominique Vincart has been with VERANDAIR for many years. He trained as a carpenter and started his career in the construction division of our company. In his 30 years in the business, he has experienced every stage in the design andinstallation of our retractable shelters before becoming a showroom consultant. In other words, he knows our products and the way they are designed inside out. He has encountered all the possible scenarios when installing a shelter in the course of his work in the field. Based on real-life experience, he can advise you on the choice of your retractable veranda, pool enclosure or pergola.

Véranda Vérandair for your home

Christophe welcomes you to Tournai

Christophe Surmont, like all our sales advisors, is a trained carpenter. With 30 years’ experience in the workshop and on site, he has joined VERANDAIR to share his expertise with you in our Tournai showroom. He will be delighted to work with you on all aspects of your building project. Thanks to his knowledge of the realities in the field, he is an ideal ally in your personalized support.

Véranda Vérandair for your home

Vincent welcomes you to Namur

Vincent Rahmani is our youngest consultant. Nevertheless, he has 10 years’ experience at VERANDAIR, where he also knows every aspect of the business. During this period, he was able to learn the technical intricacies of our shelters as a carpenter in the workshop, but also as aninstaller on site. His love of customer contact naturally led him to showroom consulting. It will give you a clear picture of all the possibilities open to you when installing one of our retractable shelters.

Véranda Vérandair for your home

Your project is their priority

Whether your desire for a retractable shelter or a pergola is in its infancy, or your project is already well established in your mind, our sales advisors will guide you directly through the best options to adopt. They will then work with you, step by step, on every aspect of your future building project, so that you get a concrete, tangible plan. Whatever happens, they will always look for solutions that best meet your expectations, not those that simply add lines to your quote. Thanks to our super sales advisors, we can guarantee you total satisfaction with the quality of our support service (in addition to the quality of our various products, of course).

Come and meet them. They are on hand in our showrooms in Namur (Spy) and Tournai to answer all your questions.

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