Retractable veranda: the advantages of a traditional veranda, without the disadvantages

18 October 2017

Verandas and pergolas are now being added to many homes. Verandas and pergolas are real skylights, increasing the living space of a house and enhancing its value. The fact remains, however, that they undoubtedly encroach on outdoor spaces. You’re not ready to sacrifice a few square meters of terrace or garden in order to grab an extra living space? But you don’t have to put your veranda dreams on hold. We tell you all about it!

Retractable veranda: many advantages

Retractable verandas are verandas that can be retracted at any time. How? A floor guide allows the telescopic structure to slide smoothly.

In practice, once deployed, these verandas of a different kind have all the features of traditional verandas. Verandair’s retractable verandas, for example, are made of ultra-strong aluminum profiles, and are sealed to the ground using special “brushes”.

Although they are similar to traditional verandas, i.e. fixed, they offer a non-negligible advantage that derives immediately from their retractable nature. In fact, while they create additional interior space, once retracted they do not affect the exterior spaces in any way.

This means you can enjoy an extra living space in winter, when outdoor activities are scarce, and regain them in summer if necessary. Magic? Almost… 😉


It’s worth noting, however, that you won’t necessarily be able to fit a retractable veranda in the same way as a traditional one.

Especially if you’re going to be deploying and retracting it regularly, you’ll need to opt for furniture that can withstand the elements.

This furniture must blend in with your interior, while proving robust enough for life outdoors.

Once you’ve heeded this warning, all you have to do is snap up this all-terrain veranda! :

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