Some reasons to install a bay window in your home

12 September 2022

When it comes to windows
bay windows
are the most versatile. This style of window has many uses and benefits for the majority of Belgian homes, even contemporary ones. It’s these different uses and advantages that make bay windows worth considering for your home.

In these few lines, Verandair, your company specializing in the design and manufacture of aluminum terrace enclosures, pool enclosures, sliding frames and pergolas, discusses the various advantages that this joinery can bring to your home.

Bay windows add space

Bay windows increase the space and versatility of the room. They make an area appear larger by letting in more light with their three-dimensional glass design. You can also do more with this type of window than with a conventional option, as it offers ample space. For example, you can set up a flower garden or a reading corner, depending on your preferences.

Increases property value

What’s more, when done right, renovation work can increase a home’s appeal and value. Theinstallation of this window model is an important selling point for potential buyers, as this joinery is desirable, but not very common.

When you invest in these windows, you enjoy immediate benefits, as well as long-term returns. You’ll be able to make a lot more on the sale price of your property in the near future.

Increases natural light and offers a better view of the outdoors

The bay window is much larger than conventional windows. This is because it is sometimes the equivalent of three windows. Having a larger opening naturally leads to more natural light in your home. This makes it easier to grow houseplants and flowers.

There are also a number of health benefits, as sunlight is a mood enhancer. This type of window also offers a wider view. Its structure allows you to see more through the glass than you would with normal windows. The panoramic views offered make your home more beautiful by giving it a touch of nature.

Improves street appeal and offers additional storage and seating space

Thanks to the high style and visual interest of the bay windows, you can take outdoor appeal to the next level. From the outside, the design of this opening gives your building a larger, more imposing appearance. Painting exterior frames an eye-catching color is also a great way to create a focal point for the home.

Even exterior improvements like landscaping around the window will only add to the home’s appeal. When it comes to storage space and additional seating, these leaves are the most functional you can install in your home. They offer extra seating in your kitchen if you like to entertain guests.

The areas underneath the frame can be used for storage, and this joinery adds a pleasant charm to your kitchen. This is where you can sit around your table to do craft projects with your kids, eat and do other fun activities. It’s a good idea to ask for several quotes for your renovation work.

Does not compromise privacy and improves air circulation

Sliding glass windows not only give you a beautiful view, they also give you a great deal of privacy. You can tint the glass or cover each window with a curtain or blind for added privacy. What’s more, if you like to open the sashes to let in fresh air, you’ll appreciate the fact that the sliding window allows good air circulation.

It lets in more air with a simple gesture than a conventional window, giving you a cooler interior in summer. It’s also easy to adjust the amount of incoming air simply by sliding one of the windows.

In addition to the following benefits :

  • Adding space
  • Increase in property value
  • Increased natural light
  • A better view of the outside
  • Privacy
  • Improves air circulation

Bay windows are also very energy-efficient and easy to maintain. They improvehome insulation and are relatively affordable. Several materials are available, including wood, PVC and aluminum. So don’t forget to ask for a quote before installing a bay window in your home!

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