What are the advantages of a bioclimatic spa pergola?

20 July 2022

For some years now, aquatic equipment has been booming among private customers. If you don’t have a swimming pool in your garden, a spa is a practical and pleasant alternative for relaxing in water. With its outdoor layout, it offers real added value, especially if you plan to offer your property for sale. Faced with such challenges, it’s essential to protect your installation by placing it under a bioclimatic pergola. By regulating temperature, ventilation and brightness, the device has everything to please.

Enjoy the spa all year round

By installing a bioclimatic pergola, you can enjoy the benefits of your whirlpool bath all year round. The pond is usually installed outdoors, near your home or in your garden. Once you’ve invested a certain amount of money in acquiring and installing your aquatic equipment, it would be a shame to take advantage of it for only a few months of the year. It’s worth noting that over 70% of pools are acquired during the summer season. On the other hand, any experienced spa owner will tell you that using your spa at any time of year brings a whole new level of pleasure.

A precious ally for summer relaxation

In summer, bioclimatic pergolas protect you from unpleasant heat. What’s more, contrary to popular belief, the sun’s particularly intense rays quickly give rise to a feeling of discomfort. In summer, the shelter offers a welcome spot of shade. The system protects you from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Enjoying your spa in winter

Although it’s often practical to use it on sunny days, the situation is different when the thermometer shows relatively low temperatures. Surprising as it may seem, your spa sessions extend into winter.

The shelter offers many advantages:

  • A model with glass walls protects you from the cold and bad weather,
  • come rain, shine or snow, the terrace enclosure with perimeter closures creates an enclosed, veranda-like space with a greenhouse effect.

By retaining heat, the pergola creates a natural heating system. So you won’t catch a cold when you get out of your hot tub. What’s more, with bay windows, you can enjoy a beautiful view of your outdoor spaces.

Protecting yourself from the other side

The bioclimatic pergola is particularly effective against vis-à-vis. With a protective enclosure around your pond, you can avoid prying eyes from passers-by and neighbors. The bioclimatic pergola guarantees privacy. Roller blinds are both a practical and effective solution, especially if you want to maintain your privacy with every use. They will be installed on the sides of your pergola. Unroll them only when necessary. The trellis, on the other hand, acts as a privacy screen. If your hot tub opens directly onto one of the windows of your neighbor’s house, it’s best to install solid panels permanently.

Protecting your spa

Better water protection

The bioclimatic pergola also protects your spa. The water in the pond will be less exposed to dirt and various external elements, such as leaves from trees, dust and small insects. The installation of this type of shelter reduces the number of cleaning and maintenance sessions required. The use of chemicals that are not good for the planet is considerably reduced. The water remains clean and clear for a relatively long period.

Safety reasons

Pergolas also serve to secure your pond. By equipping the system with lockable side walls, you can create a completely secure outdoor space. Small children should not venture in. It also prevents intruders and animals from bathing in the water and damaging the pool.

From house to terrace made easy

Aesthetically, the bioclimatic pergola is an extension of your home. It provides direct access to your terrace, with protection from the elements. For this type of configuration, it’s still important to ensure that the outdoor space blends harmoniously into the landscape. In this case, remember to opt for a model whose color, lines and overall structure are in keeping with the style of your home. Of course, it’s entirely possible to customize the layout of your covered space to suit your tastes and preferences.

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