What are the advantages of aluminum pergolas?

27 May 2022

Would you like to enjoy your outdoors at any time of year? Then you’ve probably already thought about installing a pergola. This patio cover is available in many different materials. These include wood, steel, pvc and aluminum. VERANDAIR, your expert in the field, explains why you should choose an aluminum pergola rather than a wooden one.

A solid material

Aluminum is a very interesting material. Solid and flexible, it is easy to shape and can be used to create durable structures in a wide variety of forms. Unlike wood, aluminum is little affected by weather conditions (rain, snow, wind or even sun).

Tough durability

Another plus: once installed, an aluminum patio cover lasts for many years. Thanks to its sturdiness, there’s no need to opt for a model fixed to a wall on the front of your home. You can also opt for a
freestanding structure
and install it anywhere in your garden. You can also choose to have it attached to your house.

An environmentally-friendly material

The aluminum used to make our patio covers is 100% recyclable. What’s more, aluminum has no limits when it comes to recycling. It can be used many times without ever being altered.

That’s why VERANDAIR pergola profiles are generally made fromrecycled aluminum. With this choice, our company wishes to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Easier to maintain

Wood needs regular treatment if it is to retain its original appearance for as long as possible. Exterior treatment (every three years), insect repellent (every year) and waterproof sealant are required to ensure the durability of your structure.

For aluminum pergolas, maintenance is much simpler! Clean your pergola around two to four times a year with a sponge, clean water and microfiber cloths. If your pergola‘s roof is bioclimatic, remember to wash the slats thoroughly.

No major construction work required

Wooden pergolas require some work to install. Excavation, earthwork and backfilling are therefore required. A reasonable slope of around 7% is required to allow water to run off easily. An access path must also be created for transporting the structure’s components.

The construction of a free-standing aluminum pergola requires minimal work, and must be laid on flat ground.

Numerous customization options

Beyond its modern, designer look, the aluminum pergola has one undeniable advantage: it offers you an infinite number of possibilities. You can really design a unique, bespoke model that’s just like you.

Covering your pergola

The roof of your structure can be made from a wide variety of materials. You can opt for :

  • 16mm alveolar polycarbonate: this material provides good protection against rain, wind and sun, and is ideal for use as a roof.
  • 8mm laminated glass: perfect for letting in sunlight.
  • Insulating sandwich panels: they offer better protection against outside temperatures, as well as better soundproofing against impact noise from rain or hail.

You can also opt for skylights when choosing polycarbonate or sandwich panels. These roof windows will increase the amount of natural light entering your pergola.

Colors: a vast choice

To ensure that your pergola is just right for you and your home, we offer
2,500 different shades
. They can also be shaded with 50 structured color variations.

Bear in mind, however, that by opting for a timeless color, you’re less likely to become visually weary of your structure. What’s more, it will blend in more easily with the style of your home.

Decoration: give nature pride of place!

To decorate your pergolas, there’s nothing better than arranging a variety of plants and flowers in the space! Because it allows you to enjoy your outdoors whatever the season, your pergola is just the thing to welcome greenery and color.

You can also install a variety of outdoor decorations that can withstand low temperatures and even frost. Garden furniture, statues, fountains and other outdoor lighting fixtures are all welcome in your new garden or patio shed.

Other customization elements

Other options include ..:

  • Glass side panels: you can choose to close off the sides of your pergola with glass panels. These protect you from the wind and weather, and allow you to enjoy the view unhindered.
  • Sliding glass panels : your glass panels can also be mobile. So you can easily move from a closed space to one that’s more open to the outside world, and vice versa.
  • Dimmable LEDs: adding lights to your pergola means you can enjoy your pergola for longer, even into the evening and even into the night.
  • The addition of a heating system: whether gas-fired or electric, you can install an auxiliary heater to withstand autumn and spring temperature drops.

Available with an adjustable roof, for added comfort

You can also opt for a bioclimatic roofing system. This type of retractable roof offers greater freedom: when the weather’s fine and not too hot, you can freely slide your roof to take full advantage of summer temperatures.

If, on the other hand, the weather is gloomy, or if it’s too hot, you can close the cover again to protect yourself and spend a pleasant moment under your pergola.

We create your custom aluminum bioclimatic pergola!

You can visit us in one of our showrooms to meet our experts. We’ll give you a detailed quote for the design and installation of your new
. Contact us today to find out more!

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