10 tips to improve your existing patio enclosure

4 May 2023

Would you like to optimize your existing patio enclosure to make the most of your outdoor space? Here are 10 tips to transform your terrace into a true haven of peace.


1. Choosing the right materials

The first step to improving your patio enclosure is to make sure you’re using the right materials. Choose weather- and corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or treated wood.


2. Improve lighting

Good lighting is essential to enjoy your patio enclosure, especially in the evening. Remember to :

Using LEDs

LED bulbs are energy-efficient and provide pleasant light. Choose bulbs with a warm color temperature to create a cosy atmosphere.

Installing solar lanterns

Solar lanterns are an ecological and practical solution for lighting your terrace. They recharge during the day and switch on automatically at dusk.

Led lighting under a pergola

3. Add plants

Plants bring life and color to your patio enclosure. You can opt for :

Climbing plants

Climbing plants, such as wisteria or jasmine, are ideal for dressing up the walls of your shelter and creating a green setting.

Potted plants

Potted plants, such as palms, oleanders and olive trees, create a real garden on your terrace. Feel free to vary sizes and colors for a harmonious result.

pergola with plants

4. Opt for auxiliary heating

To make the most of your patio enclosure even when it’s cool, consider installing an auxiliary heater. Electric heaters or braziers are effective solutions for warming the atmosphere.

5. Install blinds or curtains

To protect yourself from the sun and preserve your privacy, you can install blinds or curtains. You can choose between :

  • Roller blinds: roller blinds are practical and easy to install. They are available in a range of colors and materials to match your decor.
  • Waterproof curtains: offer extra protection against rain and wind, while adding a touch of charm to your patio enclosure.

6. Rearranging furniture

To optimize the space and comfort of your patio enclosure, take the time to reorganize your furniture. Here are a few tips:

Creating functional spaces

Delineate areas dedicated to relaxation, catering and activities to facilitate circulation and use of the space.

For example, to create a dining area, you can provide an outdoor table, with benches or garden chairs.

For a relaxing space, you can install armchairs, deckchairs or a hammock. Add cushions, plaids and poufs to make this space even more comfortable and welcoming. You can also install a small coffee table for your drinks and books.

garden furniture under a bioclimatic pergola

To create a play area, install a sandbox, a small inflatable pool or other age-appropriate outdoor play equipment. You should also consider a soft, non-slip floor covering, such as rubber tiles, to prevent falls.

Choosing the right furniture

Opt for weather-resistant, easy-care furniture such as plastic, aluminum or treated wood. And don’t forget to choose comfortable, ergonomic furniture.

7. Create a welcoming atmosphere

To make your patio enclosure even more attractive, add decorative elements and comfortable accessories:

  • Decorative accessories: candles, string lights or decorative objects add a personal touch to your patio enclosure.
  • Cushions and plaids: cushions and plaids add comfort to your furniture and create a warm, friendly atmosphere.

8. Space for relaxation

Create a relaxation area where you can relax and enjoy your patio enclosure. You can :


  • Install a hammock: A hammock is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Choose a model suited to the space available and install it between two posts or trees.
  • Add sun loungers: Sun loungers are perfect for sunbathing, reading or napping. Choose models with comfortable cushions and reclining backrests.

9. Integrate a kitchen or bar area

To get the most out of your patio enclosure, consider installing a space dedicated to preparing meals and drinks:


Installing a barbecue

A barbecue lets you cook outdoors and share convivial moments with friends and family. Choose a model suited to the size of your terrace and the types of cooking you prefer (charcoal, gas, electric).


Building a bar

An outdoor bar is ideal for preparing cocktails and refreshing drinks. Remember to provide storage for glasses, bottles and accessories, as well as stools for guests.

For more tips on summer kitchen design, see our dedicated article.

10. Ensure good ventilation

To avoid moisture problems and guarantee the comfort of your patio enclosure, it is important to provide adequate ventilation:

  • Outdoor fans: outdoor fans circulate the air and prevent the feeling of suffocation on hot days. Choose a weather-resistant model that’s easy to install.
  • The windbreak: windbreaks are a practical solution for protecting your patio enclosure from the wind while promoting air circulation. They are available in a range of materials, including wood, metal and textiles.


By following these 10 tips, you’ll be able to improve your existing patio enclosure and make the most of your outdoor space. Don’t forget to personalize your terrace according to your tastes and needs, to make it a unique and welcoming place.


What materials are recommended for a patio cover?

The most suitable materials are aluminum, stainless steel and treated wood, which are resistant to weathering and corrosion.

How can I light my patio enclosure in an environmentally-friendly way?

Solar lanterns and LED bulbs are environmentally-friendly, energy-saving solutions for lighting your patio enclosure.

Is it necessary to install a ventilation system in my patio enclosure?

Yes, proper ventilation is essential to avoid moisture problems and guarantee the comfort of your patio enclosure. Outdoor fans and windbreaks are practical solutions for promoting air circulation.

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