Our tips for a modern summer kitchen

22 June 2022

The arrival of the sun makes you want to get out of the house, bask in the warmth of the sunshine, and enjoy convivial moments over sunny dishes. These are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to create a beautiful, modern summer kitchen where you can cook grilled meats, pizzas and other tasty recipes. In this article, Verandair reveals some tips for a functional and aesthetic summer kitchen.

Designing your outdoor living space

Think about where you want to create your modern kitchen: on the terrace or under a shed in the garden? Then determine the available surface area to get an idea of the layout you’ll need: worktop, bar counter, wood storage, storage and cooking equipment.

Having a large plot of land gives you more possibilities, but you can also set up your structure on a small area, provided you optimize it.

Design your summer kitchen

There are so many inspiring kitchen styles to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Its design will depend on your tastes, the architecture of your home and your exterior layout.

You can also opt for the temporary installation of an outdoor kitchen with only removable elements: barbecue, wooden furniture, etc.

A good choice of storage

Kitchen storage units are essential for storing your foodstuffs, utensils, wood, coal and so on. Ideally, the furniture should be made of stainless steel, as it can withstand all climatic conditions. You can also opt for wooden shelves to underline the bucolic spirit of your outdoor kitchen.

Shelter your outdoor space

You’ll need a shelter to ensure the longevity of your equipment, and to keep you dry when you’re cooking outside and the rain starts to fall. You can build a hard-shell shelter with one, two or three walls, covered with tile or slate. A chimney or hood is essential for smoke and steam extraction.

The ideal solution is to cover your kitchen area with a
aluminum pergola, a resolutely modern and robust material. Aluminum is available in a range of colors to match your decor. The pergola can house a kitchen terrace, but you can also mount it elsewhere in the garden to create a more intimate space.

The bioclimatic pergola

The bioclimatic pergola
consists of a roof of adjustable aluminum slats. You can open or close the roof as you wish: when you need light, heat or cool. This pergola is perfect for your garden if you often barbecue. Open the roof when you’re grilling so that smoke can escape. Close it if it’s raining or to filter the sun’s rays.

The fixed-roof pergola

The fixed-roof pergola
is made of alveolar polycarbonate or laminated glass. As it is opalescent, it will protect you effectively from the sun’s rays while letting the light flood your interior. You’ll feel right at home here, and love welcoming your friends for aperitifs. You can also install green plants to create a lounge area.

The veranda pergola

Once the summer period is over, you still want to enjoy your barbecue despite the cool autumn rains? No problem, installing an upgradeable pergola is the solution for converting it into a veranda. Your furniture and appliances will be well protected in an enclosed space.

This structure also allows you to fully appreciate the fine days of the Indian summer. Open your veranda, find your terrace, prepare your grills and enjoy your meals away from home!

Catering professionals can also set up a corner of their dining room under a bioclimatic pergola. You’ll let your customers enjoy the good weather and encourage passers-by to sit down at your table.

Opt for functional cooking appliances

A wood or charcoal barbecue is a must. You can also opt for a more functional device with additional functions:

  • A cooktop
  • A coal and gas grill
  • An electric oven
  • A plancha
  • A smoking room,…

Stainless steel equipment is on a roll. Not only are they stylish, they’re also easy to clean and won’t rust.

Finally, let’s not forget the brazier, which you can install not far from your pergola and around which you can gather the family in the evening to melt marshmallows.

Don’t skimp on lighting and decoration

A welcoming summer kitchen needs to be properly lit. Enjoy summer evenings by the light of designer lamps. Hanging lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and spotlights are the perfect way to illuminate your outdoor space. Attractive furniture, carpets, plants and various decorative accessories will also enhance your terrace and veranda.

Garden furniture

Make sure you have a good armchair and a table big enough to seat your whole family. Choose wooden or plastic furniture designed to withstand heat and sunlight. Other, easier-to-maintain materials are also available for your garden furniture.

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