5 ways to use a movable glass partition

3 February 2022

In recent years, glass partitions have become increasingly popular with homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to their design character, they have multiple applications: decorating a room, creating an elegant partition, enhancing a pergola,… Here are 5 ways to furnish and enhance your interior with sliding glass partitions.


Why install a movable glass partition?

Compared with a standard wall or a window, the removable glass partition offers a number of advantages that make it suitable for almost any type of home.


An easy-to-install solution

Relatively lightweight, a glass wall is easy to install. It’s the perfect product if you’re a tenant or don’t want to carry out major renovation work. There are 2 main ways of fixing a glass partition: on jacks or sliding with rails.


A designer touch of light

Thanks to the transparency of the glass, the wall lets daylight in, while creating a decorative separation. Depending on your taste, you can also choose opaque glazing for greater privacy. Transparent partitions are perfect for enjoying a beautiful landscape while creating a protective separation from it. Conversely, a movable partition with opaque glazing can create an intimate space away from prying eyes.

Decorating ideas: 5 uses for your removable glass partition

Opening a space to the outside world

Does one of your living spaces seem dark? Would you like to enjoy a breathtaking view of your garden, nature or the urban landscape around you? In this case, a sliding glass partition can replace a wall or window, just like a bay window.

This is probably the most labor-intensive of the 5 options, but it adds a real touch of charm to your home. What’s more – and this is a considerable advantage – it increases the brightness of your interior, airs your rooms and gives you a feeling of space.

Improving a pergola

The use of movable glass partitions is not limited to the home. They can also help you enhance and improve your pergola. As you know, this allows you to enjoy a shady spot on your terrace. By installing sliding glass panels, you also benefit from a windbreak and protection from passing rain.
protection from light rain

You can even place a partition on each edge of the pergola when the weather cools, transforming it into a small veranda and allowing you toenjoy it even longer.


A partition to create an extra room: 3 possibilities

In addition to the uses already mentioned, removable glass panels can also be used to create additional rooms in your home. Here are three ideas for easily modifying your interior spaces.


An office

We’re not telling you anything new: telecommuting is becoming more and more common these days. Removable glass partitions make it quick and easy to create a new workspace in your home or apartment.

In fact, the glass can be fitted into the thickness of an interior wall and then removed to close off the room if required. Its modular nature is very practical, allowing you to modify your office to suit your needs.

You can have it custom-made, and choose the type of glazing you prefer, as well as whether it’s transparent or opaque. Some models also boast excellent acoustic properties for good sound insulation.

A workshop

Glass partitions are also very popular for creating a home workshop. Their sleek design and aluminum structure fit perfectly into a room with the “industrial” style so common today.

Transparent glazing provides the perfect light for precise work. If you’re a craftsman, glass partitions also give visitors a chance to see what you’re doing, as part of a demonstration, for example.


A winter garden

If it’s difficult for you to install a glass roof in your home, but you’re an avid gardener, there’s nothing to stop you from installing a small conservatory. Simply place a glass partition in the corner of a large room. Ideal for sheltering fragile plants while letting them enjoy natural light.

In this case, we advise you to avoid placing a radiator too close to the plants in the room. The conservatory needs to stay cool.


VERANDAIR: quality furnishings at a fair price

Removable glass partitions are an ideal decorative solution, but are also practical for a variety of renovation projects. Quick and easy to install, they provide light, complement your pergola, or allow you to create an office or any other room of your choice.

At VERANDAIR, we’ve been specializing in creating comfortable environments for our customers for over 30 years. We can create your own
made-to-measure bay windows
in our workshops in Belgium, for excellent value for money.

You choose the height and glazing required. Thanks to its
sliding panels
the partition is easy to open and close. With no bulky frames, it’s a streamlined product offering optimum strength and transparency.

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