A terrace shelter on the roofs of Paris

24 September 2019

Enhancing the view from a Paris apartment with a retractable veranda was the aim of a project carried out in collaboration with Homabris and Verandair. Enjoying a terrace in a Paris apartment overlooking the City of Light is a true luxury. But having this pleasure all year round thanks to a bioclimatic terrace enclosure is even better.

In the heart of the City of Light, in the 13th arrondissement, a terrace shelter has been installed on the terrace of an apartment building to create a brand new, convivial living space. For this exceptional construction, a retractable veranda enhances the terrace of the owners of a Paris apartment. Brightness, space and living comfort are the hallmarks of this beautiful project.

A retractable veranda to enjoy the outdoors

More than just a patio cover, it’s
a retractable veranda
veranda. This veranda offers its new owners a new living space. A few extra square meters are not insignificant in a Parisian apartment. What’s more, this veranda is bathed in light, and therefore offers a significant gain in brightness in the apartment. The veranda’s retractability means homeowners can enjoy the sun all year round.


A very Parisian veranda: the details

This veranda was built with light gray profiles to match the modern style of the building. The color was chosen to match the frames adorning the condominium. The retractable veranda has a glass roof to optimize the entry of light into the apartment. Choosing a veranda as a terrace shelter creates a new living space in the apartment. A few extra square meters of light and well-being for this Parisian apartment. A place to take refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The retractable veranda lets you enjoy the view of Paris in the open or in the warm. The ease of use of the retractable veranda means you can be protected from the weather in seconds.

Features of a veranda on an apartment terrace

This installation, which accentuates the building’s façade, is not a trivial construction and required a few additional verification parameters. This installation called for greater vigilance with regard to the veranda’s resistance to wind, as the veranda is placed high up, and is therefore more exposed to wind and different weather conditions. A veranda on the terrace of an apartment building also requires permission from the co-ownership .

If you too would like a veranda for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your project.


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