Decoration x Halloween: decorating tips to make your neighbors swoon!

17 October 2018

October. While temperatures remain mild, the days of bathing suits and flip-flops are well and truly over! To tide us over until next year, we’re looking forward to the festive season, Easter and Carnival, but first and foremost: Halloween. And while the Day of the Dead is all about costumes, candy, chewing gum and cookies of all kinds, it’s also an opportunity to show off your decorating skills. Would you like to turn your usually welcoming home into a haunted house? Instructions for use!

Trick or treat?

For a successful Halloween decoration, it’s particularly important to take care of the threshold of your front door. After all, it’s the most visible part of your home. And it couldn’t be easier!

There are the classics: hollowed-out, carved and illuminated pumpkins, fake cobwebs scattered here and there, witches’ brooms carelessly placed against the door and other pale lanterns. If these elements alone are enough to define Halloween, they don’t scare anyone anymore…

Want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to scare the bejesus out of those who come to your doorstep to bribe you with sweets (for which they’ll let you live)? Surprise them! How do you do it? Here are a few ideas…

To make the sprinkler the sprinklered one, you’ll need to get out of the way! Place a huge, scary spider on the doorbell button. Make yourself look like a mad scientist by inserting a cauliflower into a jar filled with water and dye. When night falls, it will suggest that you have a strange passion for brains… To add a bloody touch to your decor, melt red candles on your white candles: guaranteed results!

Want to make your day visitors feel that their every move is being watched? Recycle your old toilet paper rolls! Using a cutter, cut out evil eyes before inserting glow-in-the-dark tubes inside them. The result is to be introduced into your trees and bushes.

Only those who dare will knock on your door!

Fear, terror and horror!

But Halloween decoration isn’t limited to the front door… Take your windows by storm! Easy to decorate, they’ll give a “wow!” effect to your Halloween atmosphere, thanks to 2-3 simple tricks.

Bats traced in thick black paper, strange and frightening monsters drawn in cardboard placed on your windows, shimmering subdued light, ghosts made from balloons and old white bed sheets… the possibilities are endless!

If your home has a veranda, you’re in luck (and even luckier if your veranda is from Verandair!). Glass verandas can be the theater of your imagination and your most macabre ideas! Have fun with it.

Verandair wishes you an excellent (but scary!) Halloween party!

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