How much does a bioclimatic pergola cost?

14 January 2023

Pergolas are an undeniable asset to any home. Thanks to its slats, the pergola creates a shaded area and protects you from the heat when the sun is at its zenith. So you can enjoy your garden and terrace at any time of year. But how much does it cost to install a bioclimatic pergola?

Price of a Bioclimatic Pergola

The price of a bioclimatic pergola varies considerably. In general, the price is calculated per square meter and is around €800 per square meter, including structure and installation.

For a standard 25 m² pergola, the average price would be around €20, 000. However, this price is a rough estimate, as it depends on the options chosen and the conditions of construction and accessibility. The choice of materials (wood, aluminum, metal) doesn’t really affect the price.

What can increase the cost is the quality of the finishes (e.g. brushed aluminum, exotic wood type, solid or hollow slats), the custom size, and the reputation of the manufacturer.

The price difference between a conventional pergola and the bioclimatic variant is not enormous, and your investment can quickly pay for itself.

For those looking for an attractive and effective way to beat the heat, a bioclimatic pergola is well worth considering.

The bioclimatic pergola is a type of pergola designed to provide shade and shelter while allowing air to circulate thanks to its adjustable slats. They are becoming increasingly popular in Belgium, where the climate is starting to warm up. In fact, they’re an effective way of keeping cool outdoors.

bioclimatic construction

The advantages of a bioclimatic pergola

Visit bioclimatic pergola is a additional relaxation spaceBut that’s not the only advantage this structure offers.

Air circulation

Unlike fixed-roof

fixed-roof pergolas


bioclimatic pergolas


with adjustable slats that allow air to circulate freely.

from the top of the structure. This makes them an ideal choice for hot climates, where they can help maintain a cooler terrace by regulating temperature.

Glare and weather protection

The pergola’s adjustable slats can be tilted to provide shade or protection from wind and rain. So you can enjoy your garden even in less than ideal weather.

Aesthetic element

In addition to providing sun protectiona bioclimatic pergola can also be a design addition to your home. With its clean lines and modern look, it can help give your home a more contemporary feel.



bioclimatic pergola

is the ideal way to add comfort to your outdoor space. By allowing air to circulate and providing protection from the sun, it can make the home more attractive.

more enjoyable time spent outdoors


Price of a classic pergola

Classic pergolas are wall-mounted pergolas. These are the most common home installations in Belgium. These practical, made-to-measure structures are added to your home and firmly anchored to it. Acting as an extension of your home, the strength of this pergola is guaranteed.

If the ground is flat and there are no special features to complicate the work, you can expect to pay around 500 euros per square metre for a pergola.

For example, the price of a classic 15m² pergola is around 7,500 euros.

Prices generally range from 3,000 to 10,00 euros, depending on the surface area required.

Prices also vary depending on whether you hire a professional to build it, or buy a kit pergola to assemble yourself.


Price of a freestanding pergola

Practical because it can be installed virtually anywhere, a freestanding pergola requires more extensive work. In fact, it’s generally necessary to build a concrete slab to guarantee a level and stable surface for your pergola before it can be installed.


Prices for the pergola itself are much the same as for its wall-mounted counterpart, but you need to factor in the cost of the slab to establish the total price of your structure.

To do this, professionals need to visit your home to define the project precisely and give you a detailed estimate.

Price of an aluminum pergola

Although structures are available in wood, metal or even PVC, aluminum remains the material of choice for building a quality pergola.

Easy to shape, lightweight and highly resistant, you can be sure of a long-lasting structure. Aluminum pergolas require no special maintenance and can withstand all the weather conditions typical of Belgium.

The only drawback is that the darker colors sometimes resist the sun’s rays poorly and end up fading. To avoid this problem, you need to carry out regular maintenance on your pergola to keep it in top condition for many years to come.

Although aluminum is slightly more expensive than the other materials mentioned, its characteristics make it the most popular choice for this type of construction. That’s the advice of your Verandair® expert!

pergola with parquet floor for terrace Verandair house

Which accessories for your bioclimatic aluminium pergola?

Your aluminum bioclimatic pergola comes with a wide range of options and customization features. Each addition will, of course, inflate your final bill. These possibilities include

  • Electrical installation
  • Water inlets
  • The installation of LED lamps
  • Roof motorization system
  • Adding sliding glass panels
  • Adding a blind or canvas
  • Home automation installation
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning

In conclusion

Finally, what does all this mean for you in terms of pricing? This means that the cost of a pergola in Belgium can vary considerably, depending on your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a classic wooden pergola, expect to pay a higher price than if you choose an aluminum model. If you opt for a freestanding bioclimatic pergola, the price will differ from that of a conventional wall-mounted model. But whichever type of pergola you choose, it will add beauty and value to your home.

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