Sliding glass and Q-ZEN regulations

16 December 2019

Q-Zen, a regulation that’s on everyone’s lips. This new regulation issued by the European Union is part of the Union’s commitment to reduce its CO2 consumption by 20%. These new regulations will come into force from January 1, 2021, and will apply to all new buildings.

Q-ZEN regulations in a nutshell

Tomorrow’s home will have to meet the various Q-ZEN criteria.

The first criterion for a Q-ZEN home is its location. The orientation of the house will play a major role in optimizing the natural energy provided by the sun. The layout of the rooms will be designed with this in mind. It is advisable to place small openings to the north, as well as rooms that require little heating. On the other hand, to the south, it’s advisable to adopt very large openings such as bay windows and sliding glass walls, and to place living areas such as the living room, kitchen, lounge, etc. in them.

Insulation must be designed and implemented in harmony with airtightness and ventilation. The aim is to create a perfectly insulated envelope with no thermal bridges. A house where cold air can’t get in, but where the air has to be properly ventilated to benefit from quality air.

Heating and domestic water systems will be selected for their performance and low fossil fuel consumption. Renewable energies are highly recommended.

Finally, the management of overheating will be analyzed with the orientation of openings, and the use of thermal protection on bay windows will be recommended.

5000 Verandair conservatories worldwide

A sliding bay window to take advantage of the sun’s rays

But why wait until 2021 to reach these targets? Starting today, you can help reduce your ecological footprint and live in a healthy, energy-efficient home.

At Verandair, we can help you comply with these regulations with the installation of sliding glass walls.
The bay window opens the house up to its surroundings. It brings natural light into the living room, heats naturally and offers a beautiful panorama of the outdoors. Sliding bay windows offer even greater comfort in the home.

At Verandair, we create made-to-measure sliding bay windows, with a frame in the color of your choice, from a selection of 2,500 colors. The glass sliding wall is equipped with a “soft closing” system for easy opening and closing. The aluminum profiles are easy to maintain, lightweight and durable. They have the advantage of very large windows.

Don’t wait any longer and enjoy a panoramic view of your outdoors with a sliding glass window.

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