The bay window: Features

26 November 2019

Height and finesse for your XXL openings. The bay window is increasingly invading our interiors, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. The bay window creates large, light-filled glazed areas and optimizes space in our homes. A bright choice.

The bay windows provide plenty of natural light and solar gain to heat the house naturally. It’s always a pleasure to enjoy the scenery offered by a glass wall in your interior. There are many possibilities for bay windows, depending on the type of openings, materials and glazing you choose. Criteria that influence the final price of your bay window. Focus on the different types of bay windows available on the market.

To each his own style: the different types of bay windows

There’s the fixed bay window: an opening to the outside that doesn’t move. Practical on upper floors to bring in natural light. Placed in a bedroom, office or hallway, bay windows create luminous spaces and share the light between rooms.

Sliding glass panels: certainly the most popular type of glass panel. Sliding glass walls bring more light and space into the home. It offers beautiful openings to let light into our interiors, and creates a real opening to the outside when the weather is fine, by removing the wall that separates the home from the garden or terrace. The sliding glass wall has become one of the pillars of bioclimatic architecture.

Accordion window: A variation on the glass wall. When the latter reaches a large size, it can be adopted as an accordion. This space-saving option lets you quickly open and close your bay window to enjoy the outdoors.

The sliding glass wall

Building materials for bay windows

The bay windows can be ordered in different materials. Depending on your affinities, you can select a material that matches your desires and the style of your home.

Wood, a noble and naturally insulating material. It can be painted or left natural. Wood ages and needs to be maintained.

PVC is less expensive than wood. PVC comes in a wide range of frame colors, and is very easy to maintain.

That leaves aluminum. A hard-wearing, easy-care material available in a wide range of colors.

Bay window glazing

A glass wall can be single- or double-glazed. The choice of glazing depends on the location and orientation of the bay window. A south-facing bay window should avoid some of the sun’s rays, to prevent overheating. This is less the case on an east or west-facing window, and a north-facing window is not recommended.

Bay window measurements

Standard bay windows can be 200 cm or 215 cm high and 90, 120, 180, 210 or 240 cm wide. But it can also be custom-built. Bring natural light into your home. A glass wall brings comfort and well-being to a home.

Verandair’s sliding glass wall

At Verandair, we recommend a sliding glass window for your home or conservatory. Equipped with a unique, ultra-quiet closing system that’s smooth and easy to use. The aluminum components that make up the frame, including handles and locks, are painted in the color of your choice, with a 10-year powder-coating warranty. Glazing is available in 6, 8 or 10mm thickness.

Call on Verandair for your made-to-measure verandas and sliding glass walls!

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