The different types of patio roofs: find the one that suits your exterior best

29 July 2023

A patio roof is an essential element for making the most of your outdoor space, offering protection and comfort. There are several types of patio roof, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we present the different options to help you find the one that best suits your outdoor space.


Fixed patio roofs

Glass roof

The glass roof is an elegant, modern option that lets you enjoy natural light while being protected from the elements. It is generally made of tempered or laminated glass panels, offering excellent impact resistance and thermal insulation .

glass terrace roof

Polycarbonate roof

Polycarbonate is a lightweight, durable material that offers an affordable , long-lasting alternative to glass. Polycarbonate roofs are available in several thicknesses and colors, and can be translucent or opaque, depending on your preferences.

Veranda with polycarbonate roof

Sheet metal roof

Sheet metal roofs are an economical and robust option, ideal for harsh climates and areas with high levels of sunshine. They are generally made of galvanized sheet steel or aluminum panels, and can be painted or coated with an anti-corrosion treatment.

Steel roof

Retractable patio roofs

Retractable canvas

The retractable awning is a versatile, aesthetic option for regulating sunlight and ventilation on your terrace. Canvas is generally made of polyester or acrylic, and is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.


Steel roof

Slatted roof

The adjustable-slat roof is an innovative, modular solution that regulates light and ventilation by adjusting the angle of the slats. Blades are generally made of aluminum or wood, and can be motorized for greater convenience.

This type of roof is installed on bioclimatic pergolas. This type of structure has a roof with brise-soleil slats, adjustable by remote control. The slats can be tilted to adjust sunlight and ventilation.

bioclimatic construction

Retractable roof

Retractable roofs, like Verandair’s retractable patio covers, offer many advantages in terms of flexibility and practicality for home and patio owners.

These roofs are generally made from durable, weather-resistant materials such as aluminum and glass, and can be opened and closed using a motorized system. These retractable roofs therefore offer greater flexibility in the use of your terrace or outdoor space, as they can be fully opened to enjoy the sun and fresh air, or closed to protect you from the elements and wind.

Terrace enclosure for house with black dining room Verandair

Pergolas and green roofs

Pergolas are open structures, usually made of wood or metal, that offer natural shade thanks to climbing vegetation or hanging plants. Green roofs are an ecological and aesthetic option that can improve thermal insulation and reduce the effects of the urban heat island.

vegetal pergola

Choice of material


The choice of material for your patio roof will depend largely on your aesthetic preferences and the style of your home. Glass and polycarbonate roofs offer a sleek, modern look, while tin roofs and pergolas are more traditional and rustic.



Maintenance of your patio roof depends on the material you choose. Glass and polycarbonate roofs need regular cleaning to maintain their transparency, while sheet metal roofs and pergolas may require anti-corrosion treatment or protective varnish.



The cost of your patio roof will depend on material, size and customization options. Glass and polycarbonate roofs are generally more expensive than tin roofs and pergolas, but also offer better thermal insulation and durability.


Climatic considerations

Your choice of patio roof should also take into account the climatic conditions in your region. Sheet metal and polycarbonate roofs are particularly suited to areas with high levels of sunshine, while glass roofs and pergolas are better suited to more temperate climates.


Regulations and permits

Before you start installing your patio roof, it’s important to check local building regulations and obtain the necessary permits. Some municipalities impose restrictions in terms of size, height or location, and may require the work to be carried out by a licensed professional.



In conclusion, the different types of patio roofs offer a variety of options for protecting and embellishing your outdoor space. Whether you prefer a fixed glass roof, a retractable canvas roof or a vegetated pergola, it’s important to consider aesthetics, maintenance, cost and climatic conditions when choosing the solution best suited to your needs.

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