Veranda or pergola: which to choose?

3 October 2022

Are you planning to create an outdoor space in your garden? Choose a veranda or a pergola! But how do you choose between the two? It all depends on your needs, the configuration of your home and your budget. In this article, we help you choose between a pergola and a veranda.

Veranda and pergola: definitions

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a wooden or aluminum structure with a roof. It is generally completely open on the sides, but can be fitted with walls. It lets you enjoy the outdoors sheltered from the elements and the sun’s rays. It can be installed against your house or elsewhere in your garden. There are different types of pergola, such as fixed-roof or bioclimatic pergolas.

What is a veranda?

A veranda is an enclosed structure made of aluminum, wood or PVC. It features a glass roof and walls. It is designed as an extension to your home. It creates a new room. As with pergolas, there are two types of veranda: the classic veranda with an insulated roof built on a concrete slab, and the retractable veranda.

Comparing pergolas and verandas

What do pergolas and verandas have in common?

  • Pergolas and verandas let you enjoy your outdoors, whatever the weather.
  • Both are designed as extensions of the house.
  • Pergolas and verandas provide a comfortable living space, an intermediate room between the inside and outside of the house.
  • Both plants are built from high-quality materials, making them highly resistant to sun, cold, wind and other weather conditions.
  • The walls can be transparent, ensuring that the veranda and pergola do not interfere with the light and visibility of the house.
  • These two infrastructures add value to the building.

What’s the difference between a veranda and a pergola?

  • The veranda is fully insulated and can be completely closed depending on the weather and the family’s wishes, so you can enjoy it all year round. The pergola is always open, or closed on one side only. Although this design provides considerable protection from the sun, wind and rain, it is best used when temperatures are mild.
  • The veranda can be
    . The pergola, on the other hand, is fixed in place.
  • As verandas have more comprehensive mobility features, they are also more expensive than pergolas.

Which solution is right for you?

Are you hesitating between these two installations? To make your choice, you need to determine what your needs are and what you’ll be using the structure for.

Creating a new living space

Looking to expand your living space ? In this case, a veranda is the best solution if you want to enjoy it all year round. Totally enclosed, the veranda offers a new living space that can be used whatever the outside temperature. So you can, for example, extend your kitchen. The retractable veranda is the ideal choice for enjoying fine weather too.

Building an extension to enjoy the outdoors

You want to create an extension to your home to enjoy the outdoors. In this case, opt either for a fixed-roof or bioclimatic pergola, or for a retractable veranda. They’ll shelter you from the elements and let you enjoy summer temperatures too!

Creating a new outdoor space

You don’t want an extension, but you would like to develop another part of your garden ? A pergola is ideal. Near a swimming pool, to shelter your Jacuzzi or for a terrace corner, the pergola lets you enjoy this new place of relaxation. With bioclimatic pergolas, you can even open and close the adjustable slats according to the weather.

Another project?

Any other ideas? Let’s talk about your project! Depending on your needs and budget, we’ll find the right solution for you.

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