Why install a modern pergola near your pool?

3 November 2022

Looking for ideas for your pool area ? Why not take a closer look at pergolas? In the text below, you’ll find the main advantages offered by such a structure.

Which pergola to choose?

There are two types of pergolas: fixed-roof pergolas and bioclimatic pergolas.

A fixed-roof pergola can be used as a pool house. This is a structure you can install in your garden or yard. It has a fixed roof made of glass or polycarbonate panels. It can be used to provide shade or shelter for a sitting area.

A bioclimatic pergola is also a structure that can be placed in a garden or on a terrace. The difference with a classic pergola is that its roof is made up of adjustable slats, making it much more modern.

The advantages of installing a pergola next to your pool

What other design could be better suited to a swimming pool than a bioclimatic pergola? Probably none at all! Only the latter can offer you such a view of the blue waters of your pond.

Better management of sunlight

As mentioned above, the bioclimatic pergola features a roof with adjustable aluminum slats. This ingenious system lets you modulate the intensity of the sun’s rays. Convenient for sunbathing on the terrace or in the garden while the kids splash around in the pool, don’t you think? Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply sunscreen before exposure to limit the risks to your health.

Protection close to your pool

The bioclimatic pergola has the advantage of being useful in hot weather. Simply open the slats slightly to create natural ventilation that’s both stylish and effective. If, on the other hand, the sun is absent and rain or grey clouds return, simply close the adjustable slats so that bathers can take shelter until the sun returns.

Protect yourself from prying eyes

A pergola is a beautiful addition to any garden or terrace, offering shade and a sense of privacy. However, if your pergola is located in a busy area or close to your neighbor’s property, it can be difficult to enjoy the space. Fortunately, there are a few ways to increase the privacy of your pergola.

One option is to add blinds or curtains to the sides of the pergola. This provides both privacy and protection from the sun, making it easier for you to enjoy your outdoor space and pool. With a little planning, you can make your pergola design both stylish and intimate.

Simple installation

Installing a modern pergola calls for expert advice. Before you get started, check that :

  • the support (ground, terrace, paving stones, etc.) on which your pergola will rest is strong enough to bear the weight of the structure;
  • A power supply is located close to the garden for the installation of LED lights;
  • the existing stormwater drainage system is not disturbed or modified.

Legal obligations

Please also note that such a project may require a building permit. It all depends on the floor space occupied by the future equipment and the region in which you live.

If you live in the Brussels area, you’ll need planning permission and the services of an architect.

If you live in Wallonia, you’ll be exempt from this permit if your project is less than 3.5 m high at the ridge and has a surface area of less than 40 m².

In Flanders, planning permission is required for structures under 40 m². In addition to this size, a municipal permit will have to be applied for and an architect will have to be called in.

To find out more, read our blog post on the permits required to install a pergola.

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