Honey, I’ve enlarged the house!

18 April 2019

Whether it’s close to your work or your children’s school, or has a large garden where you love to spend your summers, your home has it all! However, you wouldn’t say no to a few extra square meters. If moving isn’t the answer, a veranda could be just what you’re looking for… And if you’re going to opt for a veranda, you might as well go for the best in the business: Verandair!

Why choose a veranda?

Would you like to extend your home? Several solutions are available. Nevertheless
building a veranda
offers a number of significantadvantages over building an annex, for example.

In fact, you don’t even need to equip yourself, in Wallonia and subject to compliance with certain conditions required by the Cwatupe (Walloon Code of Town and Country Planning, Heritage and Energy), a planning permission before you start building your veranda. All you’ll need to do is make an urban planning declaration.

For more information on this subject, please read our article entitled: Building a veranda: is planning permission required?.

Better still, why choose Verandair?

Does the idea of adding a veranda to your home appeal to you? Turn to Verandair! With almost 30 years’ experience, Verandair can boast of being THE benchmark in the veranda field, and even more so after building the world’s largest retractable veranda. What’s more, we guarantee quality workmanship from conception to completion, using only the finest materials.

And if that’s not enough, Verandair also offers infinite customization options, so you can have a 100% made-to-measure veranda, thanks to the 2,500 frame colors available and the different types of glass.

In short, the Verandair veranda is THE solution for enlarging your home. Enjoy a luminous living space that meets your every need!

New VERANDAIR® 2024 brochure

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