Verandair: rectractable bioclimatic terrace shelter

From Spy, in Belgium, Verandair designs and manufactures retractable bioclimatic terrace shelters. For almost 30 years, this family-owned SME has positioned itself as a specialist in retractable aluminum structures.

If Verandair is active daily in a dozen European countries, it also exports its products to Africa and North America.

Verandair has already completed more than 5,000 installations around the world and employs 30 people. Verandair®’s terrace shelters have 15 year warranty on the structure.

rectractable terrace shelter

The rectractable terrace shelter

Would you like to be able to enjoy your patio in winter and summer alike? The Verandair® retractable veranda is THE solution! Lovely weather? Use your patio as you normally would. Not-so-nice weather brewing? Open out your retractable patio cover in a snap and continue enjoying your outdoor space just as with a conventional veranda. The retractable veranda! The pluses of a veranda, without the minuses!

Verandair® is the only Belgian manufacturer offering fully opening, ground-level, railed or rail-less verandas for the past 20 years. Verandair® creates custom-made solutions to meet the requirements of all its customers.

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The pergola

How would you like to enjoy your outdoor space, sheltered from wind, rain, and even sun? Try the Verandair® pergolas! They’re easier, less costly and more open than retractable verandas. Pergolas let you enjoy your garden in the shade.

Verandair® pergolas can be assembled with a transparent glass or opaque top according to customer preference and requirement. Pergolas are enjoyable, one-of-a-kind places to relax.

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pergola Verandair
terrace shelter

The terrace shelter

Do you own a patio but can’t enjoy it as much as you’d like because of fickle weather? Wouldn’t you like to have a veranda built with a view to keeping your outdoor space as is? And how about a patio cover?

Verandair® patio covers are designed using the finest materials, so that you can enjoy your garden for as long as you wish.

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The terrace shelter for restaurants

Are your ever-increasing restaurant customers cramped for space? Would you like to erect a cover over an outside patio? Create an extended reception hall? Revise your bar layout? Consider Verandair® verandas!

Verandair® caters to both personal and business settings and offers 100% custom-made structures to meet all professional requirements in the hospitality sector.

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terrace shelter for restaurants

Verandair® terrace shelters in a few figures


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years guarantee

years experience

15 years guarantee on the structure

10 years guarantee on the side walls

5 years guarantee on the accessoires and screws

2 years guarantee on motorization