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Improve your well-being with one of our VERANDAIR® models

VERANDAIR® offers today a whole range of verandas, pergolas, retractable verandas, verandas for HoReCa or pool shelters that can be customized and finished to measure. Different models that meet specific needs. With one of our verandas you improve your home and your well-being. You can enjoy your exterior all year round and bring more light into your interior.

VERANDAIR® , an experienced and attentive verandalist

VERANDAIR® is the reference company for verandas and retractable verandas. A unique know-how and expertise since 1990. A solid experience approved by more than 5,000 veranda installations.

At VERANDAIR®, we have only one mission, to build your robust, quality veranda that matches your desires! That’s why each veranda project is made to measure using the highest quality materials.

Retractable Veranda

The retractable veranda is the perfect combination of space saving and opening to the outside! Indeed, the retractable veranda offers to your house a new convivial and comfortable living space but also a veranda which can be opened in a few seconds to benefit from a sunny weather.

The retractable veranda offers your house a modular space. Both an extension and an outdoor terrace, the retractable veranda brightens your interior and increases your comfort! As the seasons change, your retractable veranda can be transformed into a covered terrace for rainy days in the summer, a relaxing space for tea in the fall, an open-air office, a workshop, a space for entertaining. Your veranda can look different and fulfill exactly the function you desire.

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La véranda résidentielle rétractable
La véranda professionnelle pour horeca

Professional veranda

VERANDAIR® verandas are intended for both private individuals and professionals. VERANDAIR® produces verandas, pergolas, retractable verandas and other terrace shelters for the HoReCa sector.

When a HoReCa establishment has an exterior, it represents an asset that should not be neglected. VERANDAIR® presents the solution to enhance your exterior and add value to your establishment. Indeed, with the installation of a retractable veranda for the HoReCa, you can easily increase your outdoor surface and this, in summer and winter.

A retractable porch can easily be deployed in a few seconds in case of rain and thus protect your customers. When the temperature drops, it allows you to enjoy the view outside while keeping your customers warm. A flexible space that allows you to save space and offer a unique experience to your customers.

Increase your surface area, shelter your terraces and rearrange your volumes in a snap with a VERANDAIR® professional veranda!

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Terrace shelter

When you have a terrace, you want to make the most of it. However, the weather does not always allow us to do so. The patio cover is an ideal solution.

With a patio cover, rain and gloom are no longer a problem, you can enjoy your patio as you wish and when you wish. When the sunny days are back, you can enjoy them twice as much because the patio cover can be opened and closed in a few seconds. So you can enjoy a moment in the sun in your garden room. Once the weather is gone, you can enjoy your outdoor space while being warm and protected from the elements.

VERANDAIR® makes customizable retractable patio enclosures to give your home a vacation feel!

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L'abri de terrasse Verandair
La pergola en aluminium Verandair


In a garden or on a terrace, it is interesting to have a corner of shade, a space where you can enjoy the outside without having to worry about a passing shower. The pergola meets this need perfectly.

Adjacent to the house or self-supporting, a pergola defines a space dedicated to relaxation. Indeed, the pergola can house a table where you can receive your friends during hot summer evenings, a few deckchairs where you can take a break and enjoy the sun or a small living room to have tea with your family.

Aesthetic and practical, the pergola offers many possibilities of customization. So you can find exactly the model that suits you and that will embellish your home. Enjoy your garden and terrace all year long with a VERANDAIR® pergola.

The pergola, an aesthetic and convivial asset in your garden! 

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Veranda for swimming pool

Building a swimming pool adds value to your home and also increases its comfort. Unfortunately, the weather does not allow you to enjoy it all summer long and even less all year long.

The VERANDAIR® pool enclosure provides an aesthetic and practical solution to enjoy swimming all year round. A pool veranda allows you to enjoy your pool in the summer as well as in the winter, but also to offer a robust and efficient protection for the winter. Moreover, the veranda for swimming pool can be personalized to blend in with the environment.

There are 4 models to cover your pool: high, mid-high, low, or super low. Each model of pool veranda will adapt to your pool and will highlight it in your garden. If you want a discreet cover that protects your pool, then a low pool enclosure is for you. If you want to spend more time by the water and make it a real relaxation area, then a high pool enclosure will make you happy.

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La véranda pour piscine

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Enjoy your terrace all year round

A veranda adapted to your own dimensions

Reliability & robustness

Aluminium structure 15 year warranty

Use of 100% renewable materials

100% Belgian production for over 31 years

Delivery and installation of your veranda by professionals

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We put our trust in VERANDAIR and we do not regret it at all. Our pergola was installed by competent, careful people. The after-sales service is impeccable.



The result exceeds the buyer’s expectations… Meticulous and precise work, the follow-up from the manufacturing plans to the final assembly and even the small corrections afterwards, it is very professional!
Congratulations to all the teams who contributed to this.



Top team, boss available. Happy with my investment…



We had no idea how much the addition of a patio cover (45 m2) would improve our quality of life. The Verandair staff guided us to the most suitable solution. There were no nasty surprises. The installation team is as nice as they are efficient (they put in a lot of hard work!). We recommend them 100%.



Very happy! Beautiful finish…quality, seriousness and cleanliness from the placement team! All in a friendly manner and with good advice! Belgian company based in Wallonia, eager to meet our expectations throughout our project! To be recommended!


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